Milan, 20 January 2021

Celli Group, global leader in the sector of systems and accessories for dispensing and Cocktail Machines, announce that they have signed a long-term agreement for the development, production and marketing of innovative digital connected systems for the preparation and dispensing of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The Milanese start-up, founded in 2015 by Marcello and Marco De Gasperi, has recently seen the entry of a group of investors who have outlined the development strategies, including the industrial agreement with a big name in the sector such as the Celli Group.

The revolutionary digital Cocktail Machine system allows you to create cocktail recipes through a simple software, thus safeguarding the maximum creativity of the barmans. The ingredients are chosen and mixed with absolute precision and the drink is delivered with a very high quality standard. The non-alcoholic pre-mixes, developed by the company, with the support of established international bartenders, are of the highest quality and use only natural ingredients. The IOT technology allows an effective remote control of the system, allows you to upload recipes, control the operation of the machine, analyze data both for commercial purposes and for predictive maintenance.

The Celli Group, number one in the design, production and marketing of beverage dispensing systems, has been adopting digital technologies for several years, and works with all the world’s leaders in the beverage industry. The Group, which has six plants in Italy and in the United Kingdom is present in more than 100 countries around the world, is the first logistics and technical assistance network in the sector, as well as the natural partner to support the development of Cocktail Machines.

“In the last decade, the Celli Group has established itself as the most important company innovative in the sector – says Mauro Gallavotti, CEO of the Celli Group – with the aim of developing dispensing systems that, as an alternative to the bottle, provide a more sustainable way of consuming any type of beverage. For this reason we are very interested in collaborating with a creative and dynamic reality such as Cocktail Machine, which allows us to enter a new market segment, currently not manned by dispensing systems “.

“Cocktail Machine has developed a revolutionary system that offers very high quality drinks based on innovative digital technologies, – comments Marcello De Gasperi, founder of Cocktail Machine – and to accelerate our business model we have found in the Celli Group, an Italian excellence in the world, the ideal partner”.