Negroni is a very popular Italian cocktail, that has become a very relevant part of the Italian drinking culture. The drink is made by mixing Gin, Vermouth and Campari in equal proportions.
As you can probably guess by now, the drink’s origins are widely disputed. The most widely reported story takes place in 1919 in Florence, Italy. Count Camillo Negroni (who by the way was not really a Count) asked the bartender to put some extra alcohol in his Americano (Campari, vermouth and soda). The bartender, whose name was Fosco Scarselli, replaced the normal soda water with gin, and replaced the lemon garnish with an orange garnish, giving birth to the Negroni.

How to make a Negroni

Negroni is maybe the perfect cocktail and it’s also easy to prepare:

Add ice cubes to an old fashioned glass
Add equal parts Gin, Bitter and Red Vermouth
Stir ingredients
Garnish with half an orange slice

It can refresh you on a hot day!

Negroni celebrated its hundredth birthday! Did you know this?