With 15 individual lines the GIG STATION is equipped with a large drip tray, a 12 Litre ice chest and all the space necessary for glassware and garnishes.

It has an aluminium frame and panels made of brushed steel, and 4 wheels installed with breaks making it extremely light and manoeuvrable.
The GIG STATION is ideal for anyone that needs a fast and flexible solution, creating a proper cocktail corner anywhere you want.
Also available in smaller dimension of 60 cm, still with 15 lines (60x65x141 cm).


High ease of use.

Forget about difficult set ups or making any structural changes to your bar, it’s all really simple and fast: just place the machine on your counter, connect the ingredients and in just a few seconds your first cocktail is ready! There’s no need to train any staff. Cocktail Machine has been designed to guarantee maximum simplicity with perfect results. It connects simply and easily to up to fifteen different ingredients (liquor, juices, purées or syrups) via individual lines.
All the recipes are pre-installed and there is no need for you to program anything; just choose a cocktail and the machine will automatically dose each ingredient to the millilitre, giving you the best balance between flavours.


Cocktail Machine’s technology allows you to monitor all the functions directly on bar screen or remotely via the Cloud-based App from the comfort of your Smartphone or PC. It’s all at your fingertips!

A simple and intuitive interface with guided steps to help you prepare your cocktail or mocktail to perfection, but also to guide you on the cleaning of the lines, monitoring stock levels and keeping an eye on the performance of your business.
Bartenders can modify each recipe, add new ones to the list or just select one from the preinstalled menu.
Each recipe has instructions which suggests what glass you should use, the amount of ice and the right garnish, giving you the chance to add your own flourish making each drink irresistible.

The Cloud allows you to manage all the cocktail recipes remotely and monitor data live from one or severalmachines.
Data from each point of sale is recorded and collected from all your venues.
Get live reports on which cocktails are served, as well as the levels of all your stock and your sales figures, all of this accessible via smartphone or computer.


SIMPLICITY With no more than a touch, you can prepare the perfect cocktail. Absolutely anyone can use it, which makes things much easier for all your staff.
QUALITY AND TASTE The machine, its products and the system are optimised to guarantee maximum balance between flavours. And no matter who makes the cocktail, the quality always stays consistently high.
LESS WASTE, SAVE MORE The cocktails are mixed to the precise millilitre, with absolutely no overpouring and no waste allowing for savings of up to 20% on ingredient costs.
MORE CHOICE GIVES YOU MORE PROFIT A rich and varied list of drinks anda cocktail for every taste. It’s the perfect way to offer your customers a premium product while increasing the volume of sales. It is ideal for useat events, on your bar top or for take away and delivery.
COMPLETE CONTROL From the number of cocktails sold in a day to a client’s favourite drink and how much you made in a day: monitoring your business has never been this easy.
HIGHER HYGIENE AND SAFETY STANDARDS With Cocktail Machine there is no need to actually touch any of the ingredients. The machine manages the process, avoiding possible contamination particularly from contact with cards, coins and notes.


With 15 individual lines for liquor, juices and syrups, GiG Station is an Automated Mobile Cocktail Station with drip tray, glasses rinser and 12 liters ice tank with 15 independent channels.
It can be installed in two different ways, either integrating it in your counter or can be moved easily everywhere thanks to the heavy duty integrated weels.
In just a few minutes Cocktail Machine is ready to use and offer your clients over 100 different cocktails.
GiG Station tech details: Net Weight: 50 kg. | Gross Weight: 60 kg. | Voltage: 12V | Max. Absorbed Power: 75W | Power: 110/220V 50-6